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Palm Cove Beach in Far North Queensland is the world’s best beach, according to Conde Nast.

I have been busy this week, blog hopping, doing more videos and catching up with some more training. Week 16 was a Q and A session and week 17 was “An Introduction to Email”. The follow up to this was the focus of the Virtual Partners’ Event that took place in April 2024. This was entitled “Accelerating Your Profits with Email”.  I will leave this subject for another blog as I’m running short of time.

This week – number 18 of the Beginners Advantage training, was another Q and A session. One question that was very relevant to me, (I so wanted to put my hand up to answer it but that’s rather difficult when you’re watching the replay!) was about including a TikTok video in one’s blog post. I forget the answer that was given and I’m sure that would work but it was different from the method that I used in my last blog.

It may depend on the theme you have chosen for your blog but this method works very well on the Astra theme that I use. In the text of your blog, you could write a word or phrase e.g. “Watch the video here.“ and make it a different colour to emphasize the fact that the words contain a link.

  • Highlight the words you have written.
  • If you have the PC version of TikTok installed, open it or open TikTok in your browser.
    • Play the video that you want to show in your blog
    • On the right-hand side of the screen, you should see the URL of the video.
    • Click on the Copy Link button






    • If you are using a cell/mobile phone to write your blog, open the TikTok app
    • Play the video that you want to show

    • Click on the three dots (3/4 down, right of screen – not the one in the white circle)

    • Click on the blue Copy Link icon
  • Back in your blog, above the text box where you are composing your blog, click on the symbol that looks like a chain (Hover over it to reveal the words Insert/Edit link).
  • A dialogue box will appear underneath your highlighted text, into which you paste the link you have copied.
  • There’s also an option to open the link in a new page. I’d recommend using that.

And there you have it.

Short and sweet this week.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or just leave me a “hello”. I hope you enjoyed reading this and it has been helpful. As always, it’s been a pleasure to see you in here.

Until next time.

Take care.


15 thoughts on “Short and Sweet”

  1. Hello – These are great tips and thank you for sharing! I know the platforms try to make it as easy as possible for us to use. However, sometimes they don’t take into consideration all the different levels of familiarity a user may have with systems. And I know this is an impossible task as the makers of these platforms can’t address or predict every question or every situation. Overall, I think they do a pretty good job. Thank you for this quick tip and for your willingness to share your experiences. Great week

  2. Thank you Andy for your Tip.
    There are many way to the same thing in WordPress. Me, for example, I use the TikTok block and this works fine. The process is similar though. Have a good day! See you on TikTok.😀

  3. Andy, Your explanation of how to include a TikTok video in a blog post is super helpful! I’ve been wondering about that. The step-by-step guide, especially highlighting the words and adding the link, makes it easy to follow. Thanks for sharing this tip! Looking forward to your next post. Thanks, Atif

  4. I hope TikTok survives the government crackdown. Having said that, thanks for your helpful tips. We can still use TikTok so we will. I’ve been so busy making you tube videos, I fear I’ve neglected TikTok this week! Will get back to it!

  5. Thank you Andy for your tip about placing a video on your blog. I didn’t know how to do it.
    I hope you have a good weekend

  6. Hi Andy,
    Thank you for that useful tip.

    It is good to know how to add a TikTok video to your blog and I always appreciate the step-by-step, images, and text approach when learning something new.

    You’ve given me an idea for a future blog post! So thank you.

  7. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the clear and concise guide on how to embed a TikTok video into a blog post! Your step-by-step instructions are really helpful, especially for someone like me who is still getting the hang of integrating different platforms. I appreciate you sharing this practical tip. Looking forward to more of your insights in future posts!


  8. Thanks for sharing this insightful post! The step-by-step guide for embedding a TikTok video into a blog is incredibly handy, especially for those who utilize the Astra theme. I appreciate the practical tips. Also, the bit about Palm Cove Beach being the world’s best beach has me dreaming of a visit!

  9. Palm Cove Beach certainly looks like it’s certainly one of the best in the world. But Far North Queensland sounds like it may not be the easiest to get to, but of course that may be why it’s so great. I’ll have to put it on my list of places to visit some day.

    Great post on sharing videos, I think embedding videos from different platforms is for sure a good way to increase the visibility of your blog.

    1. Hi Nathan,
      We have an international airport in Cairns about 30 minutes drive from Palm Cove. Just thought I’d share that.

  10. Hi, Andy!
    Thanks for the clear instructions on how to post TikTok videos to our blogs.
    You’ve broken the process down so it’s easy to follow.
    Thanks for the tip about having the video open in a new window.

  11. Sarah Goulding

    What a productive week you’ve had! It’s great to hear about your progress with blog hopping, videos, and training sessions. The detailed instructions for including a TikTok video in a blog post are super helpful, especially for those using the Astra theme. Your step-by-step guide makes it easy to follow along, whether on a PC or mobile device. Looking forward to more insights from the Virtual Partners’ Event and your upcoming blogs. Keep up the excellent work!

  12. Hi Andy,
    Short and sweet is also great!
    This is definitely great information – in my case, using Tik Tok, this definitely helps 🙂 – and sometimes providing short information like this makes it easier to comprehend; when there’s information overload, it can become daunting!
    All the best!

  13. Hi Andy,

    Great to hear about your busy week of blog hopping, video creation, and training catch-up! It sounds like you’re making great progress in your learning journey.

    Thanks for sharing your method for including TikTok videos in blog posts. Your step-by-step instructions are clear and helpful, especially for those using the Astra theme. Incorporating multimedia like TikTok videos can enhance the engagement of blog content.

    Looking forward to your next blog post, and feel free to drop a “hello” anytime! Keep up the fantastic work.

    I also thank you for your support regarding my chat widgets. I appreciate your time and wish you all the best in your journey, my friend.

  14. I’m not quite where you are in the system, but it’s great to see how far you have come. It inspires me to continue moving forward in the system and with my blog.

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