Oh No, Not More TikTok Talk

New TikTok Videos

This week I posted a couple more videos on TikTok. It’s not ideal; I’d like to post more often. Three times a day is well beyond my reach but if I could do one per day, I’d be very happy. The trouble is I’m not very inventive, so I struggle to come up with ideas for content.

I had an idea for a video when I was in my backyard the other day. I could hear the sound of a chainsaw. I thought, “Is it my neighbour again?”. But no. On the other side of the fence, I could see there was a guy on a cherry picker using a chainsaw to lop off the dead branches of a rather tall tree that backed onto the property of one of my neighbours.

Now, There’s Something You Don’t See Everyday

It’s not something you see every day and I thought, “this is interesting. I might just video this for TikTok.”.  So, I shot a couple of minutes of video and sat down with my trusty phone to do the editing. It took me over two hours to edit it because I was practising with the various facilities you get with the TikTok editor. And yes, I was quite pleased with it.

I’d cut it down to about 40 seconds or so, so it wasn’t too long. I plastered it with text saying, “please keep watching” and this kind of thing. Anyway, it started out with a shot of my backyard with the pool in it. It then pans across to this guy in the cherry picker doing his work. I videoed my self doing a kind of superimposed voice over and was saying a few words about it. Essentially, this is our taxpayer’s money at work; the council lopping off dead tree branches, etc. It was just a bit of fun and a bit of practice for myself.

Let’s Make It More Interesting

And I thought, “What can I do at the end of it, to make it a little bit more interesting or funny?”. So, I envisioned the guy falling out of the cherry-picker and into a muddy puddle. I searched TikTok for something suitable and found one. If you played the whole thing, you could see that the person falling came to no harm. I used less than two seconds of it and then found a still shot of a guy falling into a muddy puddle.

Anyway, I put it all together and included a sound effect drum roll and cymbal crash as the guy hits the puddle. All up, it was about 45 seconds, something like that. I put in a mention of my website and titled the video with, “What’s this got to do with affiliate marketing?”  Nothing really, truth be told, it was just a bit of practice for me.

I’ve Breached What and It’s Banned?

I published it and started getting a couple of views. A couple more, then 10 or so and suddenly, a message pops up from TikTok, saying, “you’ve breached safety rules” or something, “so we’re blocking your video”. What’s going on? It would seem, as far as I can tell, that it was just the two second clip of somebody falling out of a tree that they didn’t like. In the actual video that I borrowed, you could see that they fell onto soft ground and were not injured. According to TikTok, it was encouraging people to do dangerous things.

Anyway, it was banned from the “Just For You” views. (Side note: This explains why, on other people’s pages, you sometimes see videos with very few or even zero views.)

Don’t Forget That Draft

The video was still on my page, but I couldn’t edit it, so I had no choice except to delete the thing. I hadn’t saved a draft version (note to self, do this is future before publishing), so that was two and a half hours wasted. Anyway, the following day I thought I would give this another go. Fortunately, I had saved all the videos of myself doing the voiceover, etc. and managed to put it back together in a fairly short time. It probably took half an hour or so. But this time, I made it without the person falling out of the tree and published it, saving a draught version first.

How Did I Get Two Versions?

It started getting views. Great! I thought I would leave the draught version there until I was happy that it was not going to breach any guidelines and eventually delete it. So anyway, a couple hours go by and the next time I go in and have a look, the draft copy has been published, but not by me. So now I’ve got two versions of the same video.

I have seen this sometimes on other people’s TikTok channels where they have duplicate videos. Now I know why. So, I thought, shall I delete the duplicate? By this time, both versions had a hundred or so views each, so I decided to just leave them there and I could amalgamate the view numbers. Today, they have a combined total of around 450 views. Nothing spectacular but at least together they are not in the “200 jail”.

I know this hasn’t been the most riveting of posts, but for me, anyway, I have learned a bit more about TikTok.

Jury Duty Update; The Last One

A final update on the jury duty. I received a message from the court letting me know that I am no longer required for duty. They have let me off the last week. I am very pleased and can breathe that massive sigh of relief.

Facebook Lead Ads

I have spent some time this week learning about FB Lead Ads. I have completed Week 15 of the Beginners Advantage training and have watched the training video on “Facebook Lead Ads for Traffic” in section 9 of the Blueprint Steps in the Internet Profits Hub. Unfortunately, I missed out on joining Sophie’s intense training program so I’m trying to get my head around this subject unaided.

It is something I am keen to do but I need to devote more time to really get to grips with it before I start sharing my new-found knowledge with you, dear reader. So, I will leave this subject for a future blog.

I would be honoured (or honored, for my American and Canadian friends) if you could leave a comment to let me know if you found it useful. If you have any questions, you can pop them in there too. I’ll be happy to answer them if I can.

Until next time.

Take care.


8 thoughts on “Oh No, Not More TikTok Talk”

  1. Hi, Andy!
    Congratulations on two counts: Your jury duty time has ended, and you’ve learned so much about editing TikTok videos!

    I hear editing gets easier. I’m sure it does, but learning it seems like such a waste of time. Now, I know that’s not true, but when I am eager to post my video, trying to figure out how to edit it seems like such a hurdle. So, congratulations on sticking with it.

    I have heard about people doing some pretty dangerous things on TikTok and calling them challenges, so I’m not sure how your cartoon was not approved. But these things happen.

    So many lessons learned this week! I am glad to hear about them. Keep them coming 🙂

  2. Andy, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your TikTok videos, and it’s great to see you experimenting with different content ideas. The behind-the-scenes glimpse of your creative process, from filming to editing, is both insightful and entertaining. It’s unfortunate that your recent video got blocked, but it’s commendable how you handled the situation and learned from it. Looking forward to more updates and insights from you in the future! I too had a video that was blocked. I was doing a video reply to a comment that was nasty and because I repeated what they said it got blocked. I appealed and deleted the video, but I managed to get away with no strike. Thanks Atif

  3. Never worry about, ‘Oh no, not more TicTok’ because it is such a big learning curve and your post demonstrates that.

    So glad I can learn from you rather than make those mistakes myself!!

    There is so much to learn, I started but paused for a few reasons….
    I need to know more. Not only TicTok rules but the editing, transcribing, headings, choosing colours, etc… (just to name a few)

    So more TicTok Please!

    Thank you

  4. Hi Andy,

    Your insights on TikTok are incredibly helpful!

    I’m so glad I can learn from you and avoid making those mistakes myself. Your detailed explanations make the whole process seem much more manageable.

    There’s so much to learn, and I haven’t started yet for several reasons. I need to understand more like the rules of TikTok, the editing, creating headings, and choosing layouts. Your post is great and very helpful for when I get started. Thanks!

  5. Sarah Goulding

    It’s great to hear about your journey with TikTok and the lessons you’ve learned along the way! I’m thinking of joining some official TikTok Training so I will also share ideas! Your creativity in finding content ideas, like the cherry picker video, shows you’re thinking outside the box, I need to do more of this! Dealing with TikTok’s content rules can be frustrating, but it’s all part of the learning curve. I’m glad you managed to repost the video without issues. Congrats on the jury duty news, too – more time for your marketing endeavors! Keep experimenting and sharing your insights; it’s helpful for others navigating the same path. If you have any tips on FB Lead Ads once you’re comfortable, I’d love to hear them!

  6. Hi Andy,
    Great stuff! and yes, the editing part of videos – and making them – does get easier with time… I think!
    Seriously though, you might want to take a look at cutting down how many videos you’re making; instead of starting off with so many, maybe cut down to 2 or 3 a week and work up from there. Once you get proficient, you should be able to make & edit 4-5 videos in the same time it took you to do 1 or 2 when you started.

  7. It’s strange some of the things the algorithm bans, especially when you know there’s way more egregious stuff that’s getting millions of views, how could this be a problem? Sometimes there’s no way to predict these things because they don’t even make sense. Way to stick at it and get the practice.

  8. Hey there! I really enjoyed reading about your TikTok video creation journey. It’s fascinating to see the creative process behind the scenes, especially the bit about adding a humorous twist with the cherry picker and the muddy puddle. I totally get the frustration with TikTok’s guidelines—I’ve had a few videos taken down myself for seemingly minor reasons.

    Your perseverance is inspiring, though. Recreating the video and saving a draft version is a great tip! Also, your anecdote about ending up with two versions of the same video made me smile—I’ve noticed duplicates on my feed too and now I know why.

    Keep experimenting and having fun with your content. It’s clear you’re learning and improving with each video. Looking forward to seeing more of your work and hearing about your experiences with Facebook Lead Ads. Thanks for sharing!

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