Covid 19 and Scammers Beware

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Bad News From The Nursing Home

You may remember, I mentioned my 94-year-old mother-in-law in a previous post. We had some worrying news this week. She has tested positive with Covid 19. She is having anti-viral medication and is coughing a lot but seems to be not too bad. She is in a beautiful retirement home and is being looked after there. At least she’s not had to be admitted to hospital. We have been very concerned about this happening as she is so old and fairly frail. Time will tell and we are keeping our fingers crossed that she will be OK and won’t be too uncomfortable.

Catching Up With Training

On the business side, I have been catching up with the training and have completed week 16 of the Beginners Advantage course. Rather than teaching anything new, it was more of a Q and A session. Very useful all the same.

I also delved some more into the FB Lead Ad world. I was looking through the Affiliate System trying to find out how it links up with the FB Ad feature and got a bit lost. So, for the first time since joining this program, I posed a question in the daily “Ask Us Anything” portal. I had found a section where you could add a link from your FB account. In the Affiliate System, go to Settings then Integrations.

Clicking on the Change Page button I should have been able to choose from a drop-down list. Except, my dropdown list was empty. A day later, there was the recorded session and Sophie, bless her, had answered my plea for help. All I had to do was disconnect from FB by clicking the Connected button (I know that sounds weird but trust me, it works) and reconnect. She also mentioned something else I would have to do. At the top of that screen is a field mapping section for Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn. Click on the “Facebook Form Fields” mapping button and you should see this.

As you can see, it’s empty as well. I’m thinking it’s because I haven’t set up any FB Lead Ads yet so I don’t have a form to link to.

Email List Success!

Great News!! had another gentleman who joined my email list this week. He is technically my second but he’s currently the only one, as number one joined, took the free gifts and promptly unsubscribed. This prompted me to ask a question in the weekly Beginners Advantage Q and A portal.

Again, this is the first time I have taken advantage of this. You can see my question above. It was essentially, “now I have my first real email list subscriber, what do I do now?”. I joined the live Q and A session on the Wednesday and was able to see my question when Dean brought it up. Unfortunately, the connection was unstable, and I was unable to see or hear his response clearly, forcing me to log out. Patiently waiting until the recording was uploaded, I did send out an email to my new subscriber following last week’s blog.

He’s The Right One

I was so pleased when I saw Dean’s response to my question. He devoted about twenty-five minutes to the answer. This is one of the reasons that I know I have found the right person to be my mentor. He wants to help people; you can see the enthusiasm; he loves what he does; he actually cares and wants to see people succeed.

New TikTok Strategy

I posted two more videos on TikTok recently. I have decided to run a series of these and see where it goes. The theme is “A week in the life of an affiliate marketer”. Thursday and Friday are complete so far. I’m aiming to do one per day and they are just a means of letting people get to know me rather than pushing affiliate marketing at them. It’s also giving me more practice at editing videos. I’ve been adding a few subtle sound effects for fun.

Click here to see Thursday’s video.

Warning: Scammers About

I wanted to warn people about scammers on TikTok. You may recall in a previous blog, where I described my wife’s encounter with a scammer. We all know the internet is rife with these people, but I just wanted to tell you about one I’ve encountered on TikTok.

Royalty, Really?

I had a chap follow me who, from his pictures, looked as if he might be from an Arabic country. He started chatting to me and eventually told me he was the Crown Prince of Dubai and likes to be known by his nickname, Fazza. At first, I was dumbfounded and completely sucked in. I thought it strange that all of his videos were merely still photos. We chatted more and meanwhile another person started following me. He looked exactly the same but with different content and followers. Then another, and another, until before long, I had five Crown Princes following little old me. I mentioned this to the original one and he just laughed it off and told me to ignore these impersonators.

Research Reveals All

My suspicions were aroused by this time, and I did a bit of google research. Sure enough, I found a site where a guy had been through the same thing but had got to the point where the prince wanted the guy to purchase a robe to appease his father, the king, so that he would bless their friendship. And another, where the prince wanted the victim to purchase a “royalty card” giving him exclusive access to private treasures he would share.

Bye Bye

Needless to say, they are all now blocked and removed from my followers list. It’s not only TikTok where the “prince” is talking to his fans; you can find lots of him on most social media sites. There have been many others I suspect are up to no good but I’m getting good at spotting them. For example, one young lady who has appeared under three different accounts, pretending to be a US service person on a peace-keeping mission in Israel. I’m just waiting for her to ask for money so she can send her daughter a birthday present back in the States. Sound familiar?

Have you come across any of these characters? Let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed reading this and it has been helpful. As always, it’s been a pleasure to see you in here.

Until next time.

Take care.



8 thoughts on “Covid 19 and Scammers Beware”

  1. The scams are getting out of hand, to the point that I suspect every email and even letters from an unknown source in my post box! It is crazy. This could be the dark side of AI, in some cases!

  2. Sarah Goulding

    Your post is a heartfelt blend of personal and professional experiences. It’s wonderful to hear that your 94-year-old mother-in-law is receiving good care and managing her Covid-19 symptoms with the support of the meds. It’s clear how much you care for her well-being.
    On the business side, it’s impressive to see your dedication to learning and progressing through the Affiliate System, despite encountering technical hiccups. Keep asking for help, you will get there!
    Congratulations on gaining a new email subscriber! That’s amazing, and I’m looking forward to this day myself!
    Keep up the fantastic work, and best of luck with TikTok!

  3. Hi Andy,

    I’m sorry to hear about your mother-in-law’s COVID-19 diagnosis, but I’m glad she’s receiving care in the retirement home. It’s a relief that she hasn’t had to be hospitalized. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

    It’s great to hear you’re progressing with your training despite the challenges with Facebook Lead Ads integration. Sophie’s assistance sounds invaluable. Congrats on your email list success, and it’s promising to see your dedication to TikTok content creation.

    Thank you for the warning about scammers on TikTok. It’s unfortunate that these individuals target unsuspecting users. Your experience serves as a reminder to stay vigilant online. Keep up the excellent work, and I look forward to your future updates.
    Take care.


  4. Hi Andy,

    I’m sorry to hear about your mother-in-law’s diagnosis. Sending positive thoughts her way for a speedy recovery.

    It’s great that you’re actively seeking help and guidance when needed, like reaching out in the “Ask Us Anything” portal. Congratulations on gaining another subscriber to your email list! All the best in your journey and looking forward to your next post

    All the best in your journey.

  5. Andy,
    I am sorry to hear your mother-in-law has Covid. Prayers that she recovers soon. Congratulations on your email list. I am still working on my email sequence. Thanks for the reminder about scammers. We all know they are out there but can get sucked in if we are not careful. Glad you spotted them right away.

  6. Andy, I’m sorry to hear about your mother-in-law’s COVID-19 diagnosis, but I’m glad she’s receiving care in the retirement home. It’s a relief she hasn’t had to go to the hospital. On the business side, it’s great that you’re making progress with your training and getting support from your mentor. Keep pushing forward with your email list and TikTok strategy. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and take care! Atif

  7. Hi Andy,
    I wish good health and quick recovery to your grandmother.
    I just set up that Facebook integration as well. I got help from Sophie as well.
    The number of scams are insane. I even have attempts from scammers in my job search through Indeed, LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter. Posing as employers looking to hire remote workers.
    Here’s to being diligent 🙂

  8. Hi Andy,
    Sorry to hear that your mother-in-law is unwell. Hope she gets better soon and can avoid the hospital. Recuperating at home feels better.

    Good that you’re exploring AS, and asking questions. I will check that out as am having problems with my FB link in Linktree.

    Congratulations on your first outside-the-group subscriber and being consistent with TikTok by coming up with a theme!

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